• If someone calls me and does not know my name, I simply say "I'm sorry, I believe you have the wrong number. There is no one here by that name." Of course, since I got rid of the house phone and only have my cell, I don't get telemarketers anymore! Gotta love losing that house phone!!
  • There are several things that I do to amuse myself when they call. Sometimes I will pretend to be Chinese and have fun with it, or speak with a heavy Russian accent and try to sell THEM something. Sometimes I'll tell them that they have the wrong address and the person they want lives next door but that I'll get him, then quickly put the phone down and go watch TV for half an hour. One time I told them that they reached the police dept. and asked if they were trying to report a crime. It all depends on what mood I'm in. :-)
    • Creamcrackered
      I'd love to hear this.
  • My local phone company stops all telemarketing calls and forwards it to a recorded msg. I dont have to deal with the aggravation anymore.
  • i am nice to the telemarketers. they are people just like you and me. they deserve respect and kindness. it only shows your true nature if you make trouble for telemarketers. you would probably rag on with a waiter or a waitress.
  • I hang up. Its short and to the point.
  • Everyone slaughters my family STILL can't get it right after 3 years. It's normal!
  • No one ever gets my name right. However, they're still telemarketers, and my reaction is usually none at all.
  • In general unless you know me you don't pronounce my last name right any way, and first name maybe half the time they get right. In general I very politely tell them since you can't pronounce my name that means you don't know me there fore I don't know you and I don't need any thing for you so have a nice day and hang up, they very rarely get a chance to say a word after mispronouncing my name.
  • i tell them they have the wrong number, that that person doesn't live here; and then i hang up on them.
  • I'm very annoyed with telemarketers who don't do their homework. Our last name is long, but can be simply sounded out, I just laugh and say "noone here by that name" if they get it wrong. If they happen to get it right, I listen, then politely say, "no thanks"
  • My last name is ridiculously simple and the same name as a certain famous porn star... However, when they do call and butcher my last name I say "You've got the wrong number" and then hang up.
  • I always tell them too bad they couldn't pronounce my name because I was prepared to make a purchase but now I am's very funny.
  • I wish I could improvise like this....
  • I know they don't really know who I am.

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