• No but there are muslims who are. There have also been christians, atheists and agnostics.
  • Muslims don't tend to be terrorists. But terrorists tend to be Muslim.
  • Not the ones I've met. But there are ones who are. Just like there are people of other religions who are terrorists.
  • a terrorist is someone who ignores the law and the safety of those around. a speeder on the highway is a terrorist.
  • Some of them are. Some people of other faiths can also be pretty horrific.
  • some of them are, certainly
  • some of them definitely are
  • No more than I think members of any other religions are terrorists!
  • Some are for sure but I think there is a huge link between the word Terrorists and Gorge W Bush.
  • Do I believe all muslims are terrorists? Absolutely not. Do I believe Islam leads to terrorism? No, I do not. Are some muslims terrorists? Absolutely.
  • Terrorist are not labeled by their religion but by their name: KKK, Red Brigade, Those who killed the Incas, Those who brought misery to Congo and Hitler etc...
  • This is a touchy subject for multiple reasons. One of them being the definitions of these words. Terrorist is a very strong word. We humans often clump things together. For instance, many people say the United States is a Christian nation. If you've ever lived in America, or been to America, you know this is only somewhat true. The laws were created from Christian viewpoint, but the nation does not force once religion upon the people. The same goes for many Middle Eastern countries that preach Islam pretty hardcore. Some in the Islam countries preach Islam from a more violent viewpoint. Taking the things that the Koran says in certain parts without taking the book as a whole and saying that all Muslims should kill all people who are infidels, or people who don't believe the same thing they believe. While others take the more peaceful side of Islam. It's just like if Christians decided to only believe in the Old Testament. Then of course, they would be Jewish. But if they followed the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible), Christians would have the most unnecessary rules on life. People often get the Old Testament and the New Testament confused and don't realize that the Bible isn't teaching Christians to stone their child for disobeying. That's the Old Testament law put in place to show people how imperfect we are and how impossible it is to live to a standard of perfection. I'm going in way too deep, but no, Muslims are not terrorists. Terrorists are pushed by fanatical Muslim thoughts sometimes, but Muslims by themselves are not terrorists.
  • Some terrorists are Muslim but I do not think all Muslims are terrorists. I am sure the situation is very sad for most Muslims who are not fundamentalists or extremists
  • Not all are terrorists but all terrorists most of them are Muslim.
  • Not all of them. I've got some real good Muslim friends.
  • Some terrorists claim Islam as their religion. Just as some have claimed Christianity, Judaism, Satanism, etc. as their religion. Whether or not they actually follow the tenets of the religion is debatable.
  • NO!!!! I think people are.....
  • hell no
  • some are
  • The set of muslims is not equal to the set of terrorist and the set of terrorists is not equal to the set of muslims However, there are probably more members of the set of terrorists that are members of the set of muslims than there are members of the set of terrorists that are members of others religious sets at this point in time. Also note that things change over the time axis.
  • No more or less than Christians
  • Some are, most aren't
  • No I think some terrorist mask thier violent political agendas with religion in an effort to gain the sympathies and support of thier countrymen. "Holy Wars" have Rarely if EVER been about the religion it usualy has more to do with one person's or a group of people's lust for power or will to impose thier word view and they happen to affiliate with a paticular religion.
  • No. Most Muslim people feel that the Taliban have basterdized and manipulated the Koran to suit their own purposes and needs. What the terrorists are... has absolutely nothing to do with the Muslim religion. The terrorist leaders from way back in the 1950's and onward...Learned from Hitler and the Reich that the way to effect a people as a whole, is to take what they believe and what they know and manipulate it to their own personal agenda. Including Religion, Country, State and City pride and then the worst one of all... The Children. They too indoctrinate them rather young in terrorist countries just as Hitler had done in Germany.
  • I think if muslims had it their way, we'd all be slaves.
  • Every gender, race, society, and religious group around the globe have some of them. No exceptions. My 2 cents.
  • Thats like saying do you think polar bears are gay. You can't label, a religion, culture, people as an extremist group. The muslims have been given unfair treatment by the satanic US media over the years. And deliberately broadcast non facts on the ME, in order to spread the Zionsism agenda on invadin the oil rich regions. The so called terrorists are not fighting to take american freedom, They are fightng for thier freedom and for you america to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY. HAVE SOME RESPECT, INTELLGENCE, AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING OF THIS PLANET. and stop posting such ignorant question's UGH.

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