• oh mate i'm sorry to hear it. i know how much it hurts. pretty much exact same thing happened to me last year. who know's what he'll do, he's not being very fair on you. I'm sorry i don't know what to suggest but i can sympathise. I hope you're feeling better soon. While you decide i would be with family and friends a lot. it will help you through it. good luck
  • Okay he may be back..he may not, but why let him have that control, so he is off ignoring you gathering his head doing what ever he feels like while you sit around waiting for him? HELL NO! My advise is call leave a message "Okay I understand that you need space and time, but I can't wait around for you so call me when you're ready and if I am avalable we can see what to do then bye" click my point is he isn't the only man out thier and why should you wait on him to decide your fate for you when you can decide your own?
  • Been there....or should I say there. Do you trust that you can give him this time to re-evaluate his path in life giving him whatever space he needs with the hope he can then committment to the relationship? So he takes his time out, but the only healthy thing for you to do is continue on in life. However if you do try and get back together is the anger and resentment going to overshadow anything that may be in your future? Are you going to be able trust he can committ in the future without another "break". Of course he will promise it will never happen again but look back 3 months ago... wouldn't he have promised the same thing. My take and I know every relationship is different, is that all relationships face hard times. It is the committment you have to each other and the realtionship that will get you through, not trying to being a martyr and face it alone. Everyone feels pressure and the stress when in a loving committed partnership.
  • he might come back to you but it is highly unlikely. The problem is that he gives no guarantee or any kind of emotional collateral. This is a classic blow-off from a spineless individual. He wants a break but also keeps you in limbo. Thats not a good place to be. Ignore him and dont pursue him. Do not make yourself available to him. He'll figure you started moving on without him.
  • Do y'all think we have crystal balls here?
  • Don't be open to him anymore. I mean, with you he obviously feel the door is wide open so he can walk in and out your life at free will. Not only that, he knows if he wants sex he can go to you. Why are you letting him do this? He knows he has all the power here. You need to get that power back girl so he realizes what he is missing. And you start by being strong. To show him and yourself that you don't NEED him. Being needed is a big turn off and I can bet you thats what's going on. Get your power back. Try convincing yourself that he is the one chasing you. Don't talk unless he calls. Maybe don't pick up at all and wait till he calls 2nd or 3rd time and politely apologize. Be busy, keep smiling, be positive, cool, mysterious, Whatever you do don't lay your heart on the line. Bottom line is, men want a girl they can't have. You can throw him a bone every now and then but thats it! Dive him what he wants... which is a girl that will challenge him... not a doormat who do whatever he says. Oh and no sex...thats the worst mistake you have made. Don't be the nice girl, be his dream girl! Get a make-over and put a great big smile on your face like your over it....WHEN he calls you. Let him chase you...thats what he wants. trust me.
  • I'll introduce him to my ex g/f. She basically said the same thing, yet broke down crying. I just said see ya.
  • Make a decision to move on with your life and leave him behind, if it is really meant to be it will happen in time, don't let him leave you blowing in the wind. ;0)
  • Look - men say this as an excuse to see other greener pastures - DO NOT call him, answer his calls, act like he hurt you or devistated you. Mine went with another woman to Costa Rica 6 months ago, I found out and forgave him, now he says he needs a break - well he got it and I wont turn back - its either all or nothing - he keeps calling me and I won't answer, he skyp's me and all I said "you wanted a break, you got it...see ya !!!!. I am done with the games, dont need them nor want them - I am not going to comromise myself for any man ever and we have been together for 18 months - its all or nothing - Im not a puppet or a toy - if you want him back you need to stay away for weeks, not a few days and do not talk to him, if you need to see him for any reason, do not have sex at all - have a makeover done - flaunt it in his face, always look great and act like you could care -
  • It is likely he'll come back, as soon as he is rejected by the woman who is clouding his head. You'll know by the end of the year whether she is going to work out for him, or not. He's ignoring you, because he is spending time with her.... Stop wasting your time...easier said than done, I know...but, do yourself a favor. Don't accept anything from him, calls, time...nothing...he's history.
  • And you are just going to sit there and take this? Get him gone. Men who don't know how to treat a woman give signs early on and this is a huge sign. He is saying in effect, if you can put up with my bullshit and moodswings, I'll come back maybe. You get what you deserve if you are around. DON'T DO IT.

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