• get one of those "what if books" or would you ever books they have a ton when I first met my wife she drilled me with this what if book she had, she acted like it was a game but it was her way finding out if I was worthy of her bueaty, she is a sneaky little one, but they are a good resource of finding out info, also you are made to think a lot about yourself as well Like -Who is the first person you would call in an emergency? -Who was your best friend growing up, and why where yo so close? -Did you take the SAT's, and what was your score?
  • 1- choose a topic. example honesty 2- invent a friend with a problem ex. I know my friend's boy is cheating on her... 3- ask him what he'll do. 4- Cross answers many times. We are not stupid. We know when a girl is testing us. They actually give us the perfect chance to show a better face.
  • how was he as a child? what are his political view? does he like granny briefs or thongs?
  • First, you get a few cocktails in them and that way you are almost guaranteed to get truthful answers and not the crap responses they hope you wish to hear. Make up some really horrible situations and then ask them what they think.
  • ask them where the naughtiest place they've done stuff was. haha.
  • By thirty-seven on November 24th, 2008

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