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  • I really don't think there is a limit. Your sperm may not be as active, so it may take a few more tries than back in the day, but since you're married to a 27 yr. old I don't think you will have a problem with that. LOL
  • Just like the energizer bunny---you can keep going and going until eternity! I am pretty sure that there isn't a maximum age! Good luck to you both!
  • The Oldest dad is 92 years old.You can get her impregnated.If natural ways don't work due to any poor health conditions go for artificial insemination.
  • Sure ya can. Go for it. Your child will graduate when you are 80. You will sitting blubbering oatmeal peeing in your depends and crapping also all the time saying thats my boy. I think.Mr Bill
  • Hang in there, old dude. Men, in their 70s, have produced a baby. I am 65 and in your age bracket. I do not plan on having any more children, but i could and so can you. Go for it.
  • perhaps a better question would be, if I do get her pregnant, my child will pay the price for me waiting until I was 60 to procreate. Nice thought huh? Create a child in full knowledge that his/her farther could well be near his death within the first 10 years of his life. Life expectency for men is what, about 74 or so. Even if you exceeed the average, it's a fact that old age brings with it medical problems - things wear out as the body wears out. When your child is a teenager you'll be either dead from old age or suffering from age related issues which come to us all - how are you going to parent that child? If you father a kid at 60 you will be lucky to see that kid live to leave home let alone much else. At 20, you'll be 80 - and 20 year olds may be legally adults but those who have been 20 know that this is not really true - you're still an idiot really, still young, no experience, a young person almost but not quite adult. Bloody hell, the human brain does not finish growing and developing until around the age of 22 (the last part to develop does not begin until physical growth is completed and this is at about 18/19 years and continues for another 3/4 before maturity). And I won't even mention how your poor young wife will cope with a kid to care and you at the same time - an OAP. Don't be bloody selfish towards her or any future children you may wish for because you are simply too old to raise a child now. A child has the right to expect it's parents to give it the best start possible and to afford it the very best care they can, to have responsible to loving parents to ensure the best outcome for that child's life - and a Daddy who could be dead by the time the kid hits 15, is not a good parent at all - it's a selfish parent with no regard to that child's future life. Oh and you do know that the older a man is, the less healthy his sperm is and recent evidence points to the issue that men who leave it so late to father children, increase the risk of health problems and genetic abnormality - I believe that Downs Syndrome falls under this which is why older parents are offered a test during the pregnancy.
  • A man produces sperm until the day he dies, wheather the sperm is viable or not depends on the mans health.
  • I've known of an 80 year old that sired twins.
  • 8-14-2017 Adam and Eve lived 930 years and begat sons and daughters. Of course there was a tree of life in those days.The prophet Abraham and his wife Sarah produced a son when both were over 90.

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