• By avoiding communication and eye contact
  • Do you mean to ask what methods could be used, or are you asking WHY someone would do such a thing? As for the why, I find that there are a lot of people who are too self-absorbed and narcissistic to comprehend the fact that other human beings exist. They lack the empathy and perspective to realize that other people have feelings, dreams, thoughts, and lives of their own. Usually unintentional, but still inexcusable. If it is intentional and directed at someone specific, I would consider it a passive form of abuse or psychological torture. I hope this is a hypothetical question, sm00z. :( If not, maybe this will cheer you up a little:
  • Here's a tried and true technique that works: Place your hands in front of your eyes and ask, "Where did you go?" Then you open your hands and say, "There you are!" (Okay, it's a technique that only works with people under the age of three, but they usually think it's great fun.)
  • You render the person invisible. Sad thing to do to a person, isn't it? :(
  • With control and thru emotional abuse
  • Who said that?
  • They do so because they do not pay attention to no one but themselves. It is always about them and no one else matters until they need you then if your not around or can not help them - then they dog you and say your worthless and good for nothing. I try to avoid these people at all cost because there are more caring and understanding people in the world who deserve me.
  • how - by not looking their way, or particularly responding in any way, also with total indifference Why - just to be hurtful, for a whole host of reasongs
  • Talk around them as if they were'nt there Stare past them while talking as if they didn't exist Could be fun if everyone did it, make them think.
  • The Amish do this by shunning people. If you are shunned, your neighbors and family won't talk to you, look at you, or acknowledge your existence in any way.

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