• because he's a boy and it's dangling out there and it feels good.
  • Because it's there, just like he messed with his toes. Just wait until he realizes that it feels good.
  • Thanks it gets annoying when i see taht cause he does it all the time lolol
  • My son is almost 4 and he cant keep his hands off his penis!! When He was 2 he would twirl his hand around his penis and tell me it feels good!!! He likes to pull the skin over the head of his penis and tell me that its hiding!!! I don't encourage it. I tell him you don't touch your pee pee unless you are going potty... then he will quit!!
  • he jest a wittle bio.
  • To understand this better see: Child Sexual Development Vol 3, Feb. 1, 2000 check it out at ejhs and this is an org on the web.
  • My is 4 year ls old now and we still likes to. it's totally normal. We just keep telling him he has to do that in his room. it's okay, just go to your room. Now, he'll go to his room.
    • Thinker
      Well said...I hope you look at the site I mentioned above it is very educational.

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