• I do not understand how anyone can justify calling someone else racist based on their vote. So they voted for the white guy, big deal! What about all the ethnic people who voted against Obama, are they racist too?
  • I wouldnt call not voting for obama racist i am very pro obama and happy that there is finally a break thru in "racism" from the american people but people have diffrent issues and believes about everythingwhat about everyone who voted for mccain that was african american or black? are they racist to ?
  • No you should say they discriminate against the mentally challenged.
  • I haven't seen anyone here called a racist due to their not voting for Obama. Not once. What I have seen is people who professed to being McCain supporters then go on to make explicit racist remarks. They then get called out on that. Can you link to even one posting where someone was called a racist just because they didn't vote for Obama? Two or three might make your point, but I don't think you can even find a single one.
  • The fact that I am racist had nothing to do with my vote not being for Obama. Just kidding. Ignorant people make all kinds of comments that's no reason to listen to them or worry about it. The fact is it's a sad state of affairs when somebody is so stupid as to say every white person who didn't vote for Obama is racist and despite their stupidity they are still given a say in who runs America.
  • If one wants to be really silly, you could accuse people who did not vote for Obama of discriminating against people with Irish ancestry too. The truth is that there are many different reasons why a voter would think that a particular candidate is best suited for the office of president. It is an absurd oversimplification to believe that all voters cast their votes based exclusively on race or gender. Jesse Jackson ran for president before but did not even make it past the primary. There are many reasons why people might not vote for Palin even if consideration of gender played no role in their decision.
  • Define white. I'm sort of off cream olive. No more like pale artichoke..actually a little like.....
  • I just consider white people who didn't vote for Obama republican. And also, nobody voted for Palin, she was not running for president, McCain was.
  • I don't think white people who voted for McCain are racist, but here in California I do believe the people who voted down prop. 8 have some prejudice in their lives.
  • I've noticed that if your Republican, Christian, or straight you get alot of crap from some people on this site. Then when you call them out on it they say you are whining. I've actually seen some of their avatars under the definition of hypocrite
  • There may be some people who have jumped to that conclusion but that doesn't mean that most Obama supporters share that view. I voted for Obama but I know of white people who voted for Cynthia McKinney, who's African-American and was the Green Party presidential candidate. I certainly wouldn't call them racist. To be fair, I assume that Condoleezza Rice voted for McCain and I don't know of anyone who would claim that she's a racist. ;) If Hilary Clinton ran against McCain I would have voted for her and I know that I'm not a sexist.
  • Candygirl: I just went though every single answer and comment and I don't see any cases or references to cases where people were called racist because they voted against Obama. Once again, I see plenty of cases on AB where someone who voted against Obama starts saying that Obama is a Muslim or terrorist or some other nonsense, and then that person gets called a racist in response to those hateful allegations. But I have not seen a single case where someone was called a racist for voting against Obama.
  • Neither is correct, nor appropriate. There are some people who opposed these candidates for their ideological positions, or perceived lack of experience, rather than what sex organs they had or what race they originated from.
  • I would say that it might be fair to call every man who DID vote for Palin sexist because it seems that most of them only voted for her because they think she's hot.
  • I don't feel that way. Vote for who you want to. I'll think you're racist when you say something racist/if you are racist. I have noticed that when most people couldn't back up their claims about Obama or give a solid reason why they didn't like Obama then people would call them racist (which I could see why...kinda) but in the area I'm from, alot of people didn't vote for Obama because of his race (60% of McCain voters)...but I still don't assume they are until they say they are and understand that that poll was limited to my area, not all of America. I didn't like palin (but I liked McCain) does that make me a self-hating sexist too? People are crazy.
  • I haven't seen anyone called racist for not voting for Obama. What I have seen is a lot of people complaining that "everyone" says they are racist for not voting for him. I never saw or heard it.
  • That's because the press/media perpetrated the myth that it was "racist" to vote against Obama or that people who voted FOR Obama were racially motivated. The media created this issue to further it's own aims. Now the country has to deal with the fall out
  • I actually wouldn't be that surprised if men who didn't vote for Palin or Hillary Clinton were accused of being sexist.
  • You could but at this point it really doesn't matter ;-|
  • Both of these assumptions are pretty stupid.
  • I've noticed that Republicans like yourself are being whiny little cry babies and exaggerating things and blowing things out of proportion.
  • As a moderately liberal Libertarian, I can most definately say that not everyone that voted against Obama is a racist. I know very few people who feel that way. It seems when you take a long hard look around, republicans seem to feel that way, but most Dems don't claim it. Seems to me your conscience might be bleeding through your rhetoric.
  • Absolutely given the premise. Alternately, did anyone notice the clear absence of African Americans at the tea party protests last week?

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