• When you reach Sage and above you will hope that someone congratulates you. It's a way of showing support and appreciation to our fellow ab'ers for their input. Long may it continue. +5 in the hope that you don't get downrated :o)
  • Some DO post those questions for the points. It is just a fact. Many others, though, do it because they truly like the particular member and enjoy their content. It takes awhile for many of us to reach the 'recognized' levels and it takes work. It is simply a little party to recognize a milestone. Just ignore them if you don't care for them. There is no reason to get upset about 'points' anyway. They don't buy anything.
  • Just you wait and see. When you get there, you will be honored and excited to have one of these asked about you. It's so much fun to see what your friends have to post regarding your accomplishment. As you get higher and higher, it is harder to make it to the next level.
  • Most of those questions are posted by someone's friend and they do it because they are happy for them, as close friends often are proud of their friend's achievements. Sometimes a total stranger does it and then you wonder why they did it and that it must be just for points or at the very least some attention. But a lot of us have asked the staff to have a place where we could ask these questions and no points given or accepted would be possible, because we are genuine in wanting to congratulate our friends and encourage newer ones to keep going and appreciating their time here. It's what friends do. If you don't care for them, then ignore them. If it's someone you are close to and you're happy for them, then join in. Maybe after you makes some close friends here you'll understand better
  • You know when I was new to the site it used to annoy me because I too thought they were just doing it for the points. But now I see how genuine some of my fellow ABers are, and yes congratulations are in order when you reach some high ranks because its so difficult and time consuming to accomplish.
  • those questions are annoying. They, to me, don't even qualify as questions. The only reason they say "who wants to congratulate..." is because that's the only way to put it question form. It really only means "congratulations ___________!" which isn't a damn question at all. You get people making snarky comments about actual questions, but these ones get off the hook because they're generally jovial in subject matter. I don't buy it. Not allowed in my perfect AB world.
  • I think most people have a genuine reason and really want to give congratulations. I enjoy hearing about ABers reaching that next stage or having a birthday. It gives me a chance to congratulate them also or wish them a very happy birthday.
  • It's not "mean", but has been asked, answered, and argued MANY times before. There are those who do so for the points. But most of them are friends of the recipient, and they wish to congratulate them and let everyone know. Now, sure, they make a lot of points (the asker, and early answerers, especially), but when it's genuine... Most of the "biggie" congrats start at Sage. Many try to get in early (as I did) because I didn't know if anyone even recognized me. However, think about it... How many points does it take to get to those levels? Don't those people deserve congratulations? I have asked that AB create a way to turn off points. People can leave them on if they wish, and for most questions, it would be on, but if turned off, they cannot get any points for a question or an answer. This would allow these congrats questions to be asked without points, so how could anyone complain? the answers are for those who wish to extend a question, or wish to explain something that they don't wish points for. And others have asked that a section be put aside for certain types of questions, where no one would get any points. Admin may be trying to figure one of these out, but haven't yet. So, meanwhile, if you don't like them, ignore them. That's one of the nice things about AB. If you don't like a question or answer, you can simply not pay any attention to it.
  • I like it. And always answer those questions. I think it's good to give a pat on a back to a fellow Bagger. Also, it makes for good feelings, and I'm always up for that. ;]
  • Agreed. And I also think that alot of ppl ask questions that you could google and get the answer a heck of alot quicker, but its obvious that its all about points.

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