• olive oil. they sell sterile olive oil at drugstores, and that's the best kind to use near your eye. also, there is almond oil, apricot oil (burt's bees), sesame oil, etc. but olive oil is cheap, softens and moisturizes the eyelids, and removes waterproof makeup very cleanly. it also does not contain petrochemicals, which may or may not be a priority for you...
  • vaseline or eye makeup remover.
  • Waterproof eye makeup remover.It's the easiest thing I've found.You can get it at any drugstore or department store.I promise,I'm not being a smart alec either.
  • baby oil works too.
  • Get a good face wash and just wash it off, Or you can use eye make up remover.
  • Try Revlon Eye Makeup Remover, It works like a charm!
  • Brillo pad, comet, ajax?
  • I use MAC eye make-up remover. It removes waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and even lash glue! I love this product! It's also gentle towards your eye and eyelashes!
  • I'm in showbiz, and we use a lot of those waterproof things to keep the makeup from melting when you sweat. Waterproof make-up products are built with an oil base. Therefore, even the best water-based makeup removers will leave you with raccoon eyes. Oil-based removers are not generally recommendable for your entire face, because they leave your face feeling greasy. However, if you use a very small dab of oil-based remover over your eyes (just be very careful not to get it INTO your eyes), then wash your entire face with your regular facewash, you'll get your desired results. And there's no need to go fancy or expensive! Something as simple as baby oil or olive oil will do. Personally I use Oil of Olay moisturizer, which packs the double punch of cleaning off my makeup and immediately moisturizing at the same time. Remember, just a LITTLE dab'll do ya. Oh yeah... and keep some Visine or contact solution handy, so just in case your eyes get irritated if you get a smidge of the oil in your eyes, you can sweep it out fast with a drop of Visine and avoid swollen or puffy eyes in the following hours. Hope this helped! ;)
  • baby oil works really well on all eye make-up! put a small amount on a q tip and roll it off, be careful not to get any oil in eye, as you will see blurry for a while
  • baby oil on a cotton ball
  • You got me How?
  • baby oil the cheap version. or a good quality makeup desolver

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