• Um go to Utah and practice polygamy??? I dunno man, this is a touchy question to some people.
  • So what happens when two women form a lesbian relationship? Two men are denied wives? The logic does not hold. Very few men will ever have more than one wife at the same time and very few women will accept such a lifestyle. Considering the percentages, polygyny will not prevent any worthy man from obtaining a wife. Isn't it better for a woman to share a great husband with one other wife than settle for an abusive, ignorant jerk? Polygyny gives women more choice in life.
  • Check out my question: "Two girls for every boy," sung the Beach Boys. Now how is that possible with a human sex ratio of 1:1, and with female fetalicide and infanticide (particularly in places like China and India)? Seriously though, wives---monogamous or otherwise---are partners, not commodities: hence they are not "stolen."
  • Women are more numerous and live longer (competition)
  • What guy in his right mind would want 2 women nagging at him all damn day?? One is enough.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Makes sense!
  • mormons do that

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