• Breakfast this morning. I cook my own meals every day
  • I make all of my meals unless I am at my mom's house.
  • I cooked last night: chicken with a soy sauce/ginger reduction glaze, green beans and rice. I cook most days except when eating leftovers or traveling.
  • Well, my husband cooked last night. We had turkey, and my fibromyalgia was too bad yesterday to wrestle with a fourteen pound bird. I cooked the night before. We had breakfast for supper: eggs, fried potatos, turkey bacon and corn. The night before that, I made bean soup and homemade bread for our entire Bible study.
  • I cooked some eggs last night because I was very hungry. I can't cook and don't cook at all and have other people in my family/girlfriend cook for me; otherwise, I would be living off of tv dinners and ramen noodles.
  • Last night: Steak, with potatoes in a garlic marinade and fried onions with mushrooms. This morning: Two fried eggs with fried bacon, mushrooms and onions. I cook almost every day, or my partner does. Sometimes when we are too lazy we go for a take away or a quick microwave meal.
  • Thursday night. I cook every Monday through Thursday.
  • I cooked several meals last week when my wife was out of town on business. I've always been a good cook, but I tend to take the EASY way out nowadays, because of physical limitations (not being able to stand at the stove for more than 30 minutes, anymore). It still comes out good tho'! My son eats it, (and he's a VERY picky eater)!
  • every day i cook at least one meal for myself
  • I cooked dinner last night. I prepare about 3/4 of the meals I eat.
  • Half an hour ago I made BBQ. I do this every Sunday. Sometimes Thursday nights when I work overtime I also do a quick roast. I have been a cook in the army but prefer my wife to do the cooking.
  • I have to cook everything I eat, unless I order a pizza or something. I am my chef!
  • i am sole provider ha!
  • I cook just about every week. I love to cook and I;m good at it. I made a big pot of vegetable stew and cornbread yesterday...I will eat it for the next couple of days and freeze the rest. It was soooo yummy also.
  • Today made a nice hot pot - beef stew, cook every other day
  • Yesterday and i'm cooking dinner again today. I cook about 4 times a week!
  • Two days ago I made myself a pasta dish because my family was having steaks. I'm a vegetarian and my mom helps me with making any extra sides that she can, but sometimes I have to help myself when I can't eat what the rest of the family will. I love cooking though, so sometimes I'll make dinner for THEM!
  • Right now. I'm in the process of cooking up a nice country-style brunch for myself and my wife. My wife cooks the majority of our meals, but I usually cook breakfast on weekends and will prepare simple dinners during the week, sometimes.
  • yester day and pritty much every day
  • I dont like cooking, but has to be done..
  • Making a stew as we speak
  • I love to cook and cook *MOST* of the meals. Sometimes my mother surprises me with a dish, or my fiancee will cook, but he's cant make much other than fish things. The last time i cooked was dinner...Which was baked salmon, potatoes, and corn :]
  • Yesterday, it was some yummy chicken and veggie soup that I make. I try to cook three times a week. Most of the time I just put together a salad full of veggies because I don't have a lot of time to cook a full meal during the week.
  • Every day i cook my own meals. I never eat out.

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