• That's the last thing they'd remember.
  • It probably wouldn't be the smartest thing to do, but i think I would
  • depends ho big they are, if they were bigger, probably not, smaller...well why would they pull the knife to begin with, but then yes
  • It's happened to me...and yes I did. I was assaulted by 2 guys in the parking lot of the bus station in downtown Chicago while I was out smoking waiting for my bus home from a business trip. A guy pulled a knife and he had a friend with him...I casually started to walk back inside because I knew there were security guards and police in I walked the guy with the knife ran at me, I sidestepped him and took him the knife away from him and held him with the knife at his throat as I pulled him inside...the police took us both down and arrested him after the truth came out...they let me go just in time to catch my bus.
  • Considering the small amount of money I ever have on me, I doubt it would be worth the fight.
  • I would shoot them. Thats the beauty of a concealed weapons license.:)
  • YES I know a few moves to defent against a knife attack.
  • When it happened to me in DC when I was 15 and just cashed my paycheck from work, I gave up the cash without a fight. I was outnumbered and apparently they were stalking me after coming out of the bank. My has that changed things for the next guy that tries that on me. The next one's getting the business end of my Beretta without hesitation, and "you can take that one to the bank". Don't you just love America. It's the only country where you can still fight back. Now go out and vote like you should.
  • No, I would calmly explain that I know they think what they are doing is a "stick up" but in fact what they are actually doing is technically called a "fu(k up". What has happened here is they have brought a knife to a gun fight. Bad idea. I don't have anything worth dieing over but if you insist I will be happy to accommodate you. Call it suicide by trouble. :) I'm way to old to fight.
  • I would definetly shoot him right in his hip bone so he wouldn't die but he would be crippled the rest of his life and would have a constant reminder of how stupid he was.
  • since I cary no cash they would not get much. however since I consider their freedom a hasard to society if I had the opportunity to WIN I would take it and hold them for the police.
  • First I'm more heavily armed than the mugger. Secondly I'm almost assuredly better trained, in hand to hand combat. Thirdly, I walk with a cane, so I'm easy to underestimate. I'll fight. It's not about the amount of money, it's about my honor. My pride.
  • No. I'd put half a dozen +P nine millimeter bullets in them.
  • I'd kick their arse all over town, then I'd demand THEIR money or knife to pay for my troubles. Then I'd kick their arse again.
  • Shoot them
  • I'm not sure what I'd do . . . probably would depend upon how close my knee was to their "family jewels."
  • I'd give them my money, no problem. It's not worth getting stabbed over. I don't carry a lot on me anyway. Now, if they tried to assault my person, that would be different. If I thought someone seriously wanted to rape me, I'd fight and fight dirty. I still remember a few tricks from my karate training about ten years ago. In the very least I could do them some serious, permanent damage.
  • No I'd give them my money. Life is worth more than I carry in my wallet!
  • Nope, not worth the risk. I would let them have the money but try to take in as much as I could about them (height, weight, clothes, accents etc) before going to the police.
  • No. Heck I would even offer to take them to my ATM to actually *get* some cash (I'm always cash broke) if it meant seeing my kids again.
  • No. No amount of money I might have on myself would be worth the possibility of getting killed. If someone's life were being threatened, however, I would take their knife away and shove it up their azz! : )
  • Yep. And I'd have a new knife to add to my collection.
  • I have a concealed carry permit. I'd probably reach into my purse for the "money" and come out with my pistol instead.
  • I'd place the knife in their chest so they could never be allowed to do that to any one else again. You know he only beat his wife once.
  • I'd kick their a$$ just like last time
  • I usually have no cash on me, so it wouldn't be his lucky day. But seriously, no, I wouldn't fight back,life is too precious over money.

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