• According to the Dictionary of Slang, a Bible thumper is a notably religious person; esp a clergyman - One who thumps the Bible in order to underline the points they are expounding, often in a sermon. Today, the term is often used in the mainstream to describe all Evangelical Christians.
  • In Australia, the term 'Bible thumper' is 'Bible Basher' and it refers to the Pastors who thump their bibles when getting overexcited during sermon. It also refers to Jehovah's Witnesses who come door to door. When we see them doing the rounds we say "The bible bashers are coming"!
  • If you've ever been to Pensacola, FL, you'd know what a true Bible-thumper is. The Pensacola Christian College seems to interpret the passages that tell people to share their knowledge of Christ to mean that they have to get up in people's faces about it. I have never lived in another place where one finds someone preaching at the top of their lungs from street corners while holding the Bible up for all to see. They also get up in your face in the evening hours when leaving clubs insisting that you are a sinner for going out dancing. Or maybe they assume that everyone that goes out dancing goes out drinking as well. I have also seen them outside of coffee houses, and the only explanation I have been able to come up with for their presence there is that gay youth tend to frequent some coffee houses. All of the preaching is done at the top of their lungs, and while shaking the Bible at you, pounding on their Bible, or otherwise making the Bible seem to be the reason for their assault on your otherwise peaceful day.
  • Most people use the term in a negative light which is basically someone who can't seem to talk about anything else but their faith life.
  • Personally I would use it when referring to Christians that rely more on blind repetition of their strength of faith and various passages from the Bible than on logical arguments which present theories and ideas about the world backed up with evidence.
  • In America it means those ultra conservatives who smack things or people arund with thier bible... (JUST KIDDING) It usually means those who are ultra conservative Christians
  • my parents.gotta love em' :o)
  • bible thumping churchies !
  • Anyone perceived as aggressively pushing their religious beliefs upon those who do not share them. Its target domain is broad and can often extend to anyone engaged in a public show of religion, fundamentalist or not. The term alludes to a preacher thumping his hand hard down on the lectern and the Bible on it to emphasize a point during a sermon.
  • South Park has a funny takeoff on Bible-thumpers
  • someone who is judgmental of everyone who is not Christian or Christians of their sect always quoting scripture, without really having a full understanding of it Not all but most evangalists fit into bible beaters When someone knocks on a door and insults the residents and won't see others POV's and tells them they are damned to hell if the don't convert PPL who are just religious are not bible beaters
  • Someone who is constantly referring to The Bible. In the old days stump speakers and evangelists used to thump their Bibles to emphasize points.

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