• It depends on things like how the animal died, but most zoos do have animals that are meat eaters and they are a good way of removing the problem! That may not sound very pleasant, but its exactly what happens in the wild and what comes naturally to the animals. The only exceptions would be animals that have died of disease and they would be burnt to stop the disease spreading. My local Zoo has a great area full of rats (they are behind glass) and they admit that one of the main reasons they let the rats breed as much as they like is that they make great food for some of the other animals and that helps them keep the food bills down.
  • Depending on the type of animal, I would think an autopsy may be performed to determine why the animal died, then it's body may be donated to science, taxadermy or disposed of much in the same way an animal from the vets or pet shelter.
  • have you seen barbeque grills?
  • Feed them to the other animals? Wait, I'm in America. That'd be practical, assuming they weren't sick.
  • They end up in the freezer at Arby's
  • The lab, the museum, and the education department. Some zoos have samples of dead animals dating back to the 1920's!!

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