• When they start swearing at you it might be an indication!
  • short answers, no eye contact, no position themselves so their chest points toward you.
  • Often I find that when I lose interest in a conversation I start looking away, finding other things to look at, rather than making eye contact with the person speaking to me. I will look at other people, look at a clock, my watch, my shoes, the sky, my mind will start to wander, and I'm sure my eyes glaze over! If someone is interested in continuing a conversation with you, they will be paying attention to you. They will respond to your comments, and answer your questions with more than a nod, grunt, or quick yes or no. If they are not paying attention, or seem to be easily distracted by other things or people, I think the best thing to do would be to find a polite way to end the conversation and go about your business.
  • They might tend to physically distance themselves from you and not look you in the eye. They might also change the subject a lot trying to find one where you won't annoy them.
  • Here are some tips to interpret body language: :)
  • The most viable indicator I've noticed that indicates folks are annoyed at me is when they pull out a gun and point it at me.

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