• Nuttin, sup wit choo?
  • I hear most people reply to that question saying "not much" or " just chilling ", but if you've never heard it asked before someone is going to probably look up and say the ceiling or sky.
  • Depends. for serious answer's what you've been doing or 'not much'. For sarcastic replies, 'The sky' or 'The opposite of down'
  • Always "not much". I consider the question like a greeting and not a real question. I don't think the person asking the question is really asking you to give him a status report :)
  • If you hate the person: "your legs, if you don't get out my personal space" If you like the person "oil prices"
  • theyre just trying to make conversation, just tell them what youve been doing
  • Its not a question that anyone is expecting an answer to. It's like saying, "Hi, how are you?" Nobody really wants to know you have a headache. I once said in a very happy tone, "Nothing, gravity is still working!" The usual Same old same old Still waiting to win the lottery Its all good Waiting for summer (or whatever season is next) Are all possible responses.

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