• I am trying to go to the gym every day.
  • I am only clicking on questions that make sense. Points to you:)
  • Thing 1) Going to the fridge for an ice cold beer. Thing 2) Getting another beer when the first one is empty.
  • Trying to let bad thoughts and comments roll off my back and spend more time with the people I really love, respect and appreciate (online and offline) - I also want my AB friends to know how much I really appreciate you guys!
  • Calling old friends, being less pessimistic about the future, telling the ones that are closest to me just how I feel. Trying to not let the sun go down on a bad attitude or on an unresolved problem that can cause things to fester. By the way Babycakes, you are the greatest!!!!!! Thanks for you!!
  • I try to take walks in scenic locations.
  • Just trying to fit in a few minutes each day for something other than work -- most days I'm here from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight or longer. So, I try to find time to read a book or magazine from time to time, or write a letter or card to a friend, or catch a sit-com on TV, etc. And, when I do get a vacation or even a day off, I soak up every second of enjoyment because I know I won't get another for a very, very long time.
  • I get up a lil earlier in the morning b4 any faxes, phone etc meditate.. I got something they call a " One number " it's awesome I can make myself unavailable, the one number works from my cell I can pick up a landline and the call is never interrupted as it goes to landline. The book " Simplify Your Life " Elaine St. James is full of really good ideas that have helped me.
  • One of my steps is popping on Ab and running into you. You always make me smile. ☺
  • I have always treasured small pleasures. I never lost that ability. I appreciate/value/am grateful for everything everyday. I am lucky and I know it and I do not take it for granted! Happy Wednesday! :)
  • I spend as much time as possible by the sea eating pasties.
  • Speaking to some people that I haven't spoken to in aaaages as a result of laziness!!
  • Being around kids..
  • Short bike rides & taking in the beauty & colors of autumn. Meditating with small groups and sharing our insights with each other. Practicing patience and kindness with those I meet, however brief.
  • ADVICE... Grab those small pleasures wherever you are, the surroundings and the company make it a "Forever Memory" Cherished by those that were there- No matter how small. Even if it requires a phone call to be a little late, just take pictures to show and they will understand!
  • Im getting myself well again so i can get out and have a life.:)
  • Me too , Mom ! I am in constant touch with people who like me and like to be with me ! I never ignore them or their thoughts ! Likewise I give every importance to every mail and every message you leave for me ! It gives me immense peace ! Thanks Mom :)
  • I started gardening last Spring. The taste of fresh tomatoes reminds me of my father's garden. Additionally, I've been simplifying my life; getting rid of things I don't use, making more practical decisions on purchases, etc. And the thing that brings me the greatest pleasure now is walking to work instead of driving.
  • Trying to spread the love. Most people need acknowledgement and need validation. I am trying to listen more and really hear what they are saying. Thanks babycakes great question.
  • for almost a year i was extremely busy & on the go so i ate out a lot. but now that life is less hectic, i am taking time to smell the roses and appreciating the simpler pleasures in life by preparing home cooked meals. sharing good food with an appreciative audience does wonders for satiating the soul! i treasure my dinner parties ~ they are so much fun!
  • Great question BabyCakes, healing effects for me is getting back into to singing ministry where I can minister to people again. Treating myself to a good Thai meal that is healing to me. Writing a letter to someone who I am thinking about and really just needs to be told how special they are. Healing to me are my 2 cats both rescues and God turned it all around to bless me when I wanted just to bless them.

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