• In catholic grade school.
  • Many years ago, I worked on Wall St. and the firm I worked for had a really bizarre dress code. Jacket and tie required, except while at your desk working. Before I sat down at my desk each morning, off came the jacket and tie. But, if I had to go somewhere else in the offices for any reason, I would first have to don the jacket and tie. Anything other than a clip-on would have been a colossal waste of time.
  • Nope, I use zipper ties
  • Yes. We had to wear ties debating in high school. As a protest we wore the tackiest, Goodwill clip on ties we could find.
  • No. My IQ has been measured at *over 65*! ;-)
  • When I was about 6. If you are a man and can't make a knot in your tie. Then mentally you are still a child.
  • I was a busboy for a fancy steak house in the 1960s and we all wore them........mess with a real tie to clear tables and pour water? not on your life! LOL..........I still have the darn thing in a drawer somewhere..........ah, what memories!!!!! LOL :-D
  • 8-13-2017 Anybody who wears a tie that goes all the way around his neck needs ... Uh, I mean, that's just not prudent. That is a handle that any drunk can grab and you have only a short time before you get strangled. If your tie gets caught in any moving thing, you are dead. I used to buy nice ties, take them apart, and retie them onto clips, just to have some nice fabric in a safe manner. But really, nobody can tell.
  • Always. A Marine Corps tie clasp.
  • I may have just to try it out, but I don't recall wearing one. The silly bow tie we had to wear with our dress uniform in the Navy had a clasp in the back. I used to get them for my grandson to wear to Church.

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