• There really can only be one answer, John Wooden of UCLA. I wrote him a letter when I was a kid, and I still have his reply. What a coach, what a human being. Anyone who played for him will tell you that. His players love him
  • Coach K at Duke University is amazing. I think so many of us are prejudiced towards the team coach we love so here are some results from the experts at ESPN: BEST COACHES As ranked by SportsNation 1. Mike Krzyzewski 2. Dean Smith 3. Phil Jackson 4. Bill Walsh 5. Tom Osborne 6. Bill Parcells 7. Joe Torre 8. Don Shula 9. Joe Paterno 10. Larry Brown 11. Joe Gibbs 12. Scott Bowman 13. Pat Summit 14. Bob Knight 15. Eddie Robinson 16. Dan Gable 17. Pat Riley 18. Bobby Bowden 19. Jimmy Johnson 20. Geno Auriemma 21. Tony La Russa 22. Anson Dorrance 23. Bela Karolyi 24. Al Arbour 25. Steve Spurrier This includes some pro coaches but that doesn't negate the results.
  • Coach K of course. Look at what he did for Duke basketball. When was the last time you saw Duke out of the top 25 since he has been head coach? Never, besides his welcoming season, but everybody goes through that.
  • Homer Drew. Ok so I'm partial. Probably Coach K.
  • The Wizard of Westwood. John Wooden of UCLA.
  • I'd say it's toss-up between John Wooten and Dean Smith.

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