• You should be able to ask your butcher for one. Up north (Michigan) they call them picnic hams..
  • I guess a true "ham" is cured and cooked. I guess you want to do the "hamming" yourself.
  • You could probably go to a butcher or pig farmer and get a ham before it is cured. I have actually bought one in a store now that I think about it. Didn't realize it at the time and didn't like.
  • good question! I am eager to see the answers... +3
  • i dunno. I'm from UK and ham is usually raw... and it's totally different when you cook a cured but not smoked/cooked ham... I miss it. commercially cooked meats always have the juices sealed in to keep the meat "moist" - meaning like a jelly.. I think of it as plastic meat. anyway, i dunno - but i wish it wasn't so
  • Probably because raw meat contains many contaminants, and a ham takes a long time to cook. You can buy cured, uncooked hams at just about any grocer or Sams, though.

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