• If the parents make a fuss, then the teen could be part of a police search - when found returned to the parents or sent to foster care - especially if the parent's declare that the teen is too much of a handful. The legal way to do it is through emancipation - that usually requires the consent of the parents. Unless there is a history of 'abuse' in this case the State is the Guardian of the ward (teen) who can, through demonstration of ability to hold a job, keep a house, graduate school or take a GED to get out of school sue for emancipation or to live 'on their own' with little to no state interference. This does not give them the right to drink, go into bars, join military service, vote, etc which are tied into age.
  • Another option is to find a relative such as Grandmother who is willing to take him in. I helped raise all three of my Grandsons and they lived with me whenever their Mother couldn't care for them. One is a working adult now, and he still lives here. Many phone books have a listing of help lines you can call and ask for referrals. One place you might check is the Family Court. Call and ask for an Advocate for a minor child.
  • If the 16-year old is emancipated from his/her parents, then he/she can do whatever she want... Otherwise that 16-year old is under his/her parents care (or the care of the closests relative of legal age)

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