• give him mo0re room
  • catch it and put it outside :)
  • leave it alone it'll leave
  • With indifference
  • Cool! I like spiders cause they catch flies which I HATE! As a matter of fact I right now have two pet spiders in my kitchen. When I see a fly I grab a jar and sprinkle some water in the jar then capture the fly. It can't fly now so I can pick it up; then I throw it in the spiderweb and watch the action. WHOOSH! The spiders come out quick as lightening and grab those suckers and take em back to their little hole. The spiders even "take out their trash": I find a bunch of fly bodies in one same area of the web when they're done with them. I HATE FLIES! Those MFers buzzing around and dive bombing at you and buzzing and landing on you...and they walk in s**t... Spiders are COOL
  • one word: Dyson.
  • Usually I don't mind, but the other day, I woke up covered in something that felt like hairs. When my eyes focused, there was a massive marble-sized spider sitting on my pillow! It really startled me! I backhanded her (it was definitely a female) and sent her flying, but I didn't kill her. I've seen her hanging out in my room a couple times since. As long as she's not sneaking up on me and trying to snare me in a giant web, I like her alright.
  • sheppered it to outside...
  • I watched a daddy longleg sneak up on a sleeping moth one night as it injected poison into it's head. Ever since that, i suck all spiders up into the shop vac. It got me wondering if one of them would do that to me while i was sleeping.
  • If it's tiny, I'll shoo it outside. If it's large, I will dispatch it (they're harder to corall anyway). For every spider you see, how many are lurking out of sight?
  • I have a very strong, irrational fear of spiders, yet I respect what they do for me. If I see them, I ask a member of my household to remove them. As long as I don't see them, I wish them the very best.
  • Like several abag-ers, I put them outside because I like spiders too...they help keep other insects in check. I had BUNCHES of black widows in my tomato beds one year in AZ (the beds were big, and a jungle, because I didn't stake them so they could self-shade) and it was hard to find the tomatoes without really getting in there and digging down, and they never bothered me. Their webs are stickier than other spiders. Some of them came along for the ride inside my lawn chairs when I moved.
  • I just leave it there, unless it's in the shower with me, which has happened. Then I splash it slightly until it goes away lol.
  • I look at them calmly, then, squish them. Any pest in my home is unwelcome.
  • I really don't mean to hurt their feelings, but I generally just flat-out ignore them! ;-)
  • I start yelling at the top of my lungs hoping that it will go back outside.
  • Depends on the spider. If its a big fuzzy wolf spider, or sumpthing LIKE that...I catch em, and let em outta the house. If its a daddy long legs, I let them just roam around the house...If its a recluse, like a brown, or a widow...I squish em....and the ones who make home up in the corners of the house...but arnt a problem, I let them be...incase we get a fly in the house....those spiders can take care of the problems.

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