• Some, not all, of the semen will remain - even after 'cleaning'. In fertility issues a woman is suggested to remain on her back to prevent more semen from leaking out - the duration she spends on her back is 15 to 30 minutes - depending on the woman, the fertility issue. As for aiming for twins - you are either genetically programed for twins or not. Granted fertility programs often lead to multiple fetuses - or litters - of babies, however twins are usually a product of family heritage, not of will or even of fertility medications.
  • # Eat yams. There are certain cultures that have more twins than others. One of these is a tribe where they eat a lot of yams. There is a theory that it is a certain chemical in the yams that helps the women in this culture have more twins. # Take fertility drugs. There are actually practitioners who prescribe fertility medications like Clomid to increase the chances of having twin by inducing multiples eggs being released in ovulation. You'd be hard pressed to find one of these physicians, but they are out there. The problem is that there are risks to taking fertility drugs and it should be reserved for people who are having trouble conceiving. There are also increased risks of having a multiples pregnancy, even with "only" twins. # Try fertility treatments. Fertility treatments that go beyond fertility drugs are used only for those families that truly need it. Procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and others can increase the chances that you will have twins or other multiples. Not only do they increase the risk of dizygotic twins, but also there appears to be an increase in monozygotic or identical twins.

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