• I know Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do not allow the production, importation or consuption of alcohol at all. However-like anything illegal- there are some people, mostly young adults who like to party, who will brew their own secretly at home regardless, but they do so at their own risk- the punishments are harsh. In alot of Muslim countries alcohol is illegal to drink for the muslims who live there, but the sale of it is authorised in certain hotels and other establishments for the consumption of foreigners.
  • The United States, in some places. I stayed in a few villages in western Alaska where alcohol possession or consumption will land you in a sorry heap of trouble, and selling it will get you serious jail time. . Also, I know many Persians, and according to them alcohol is illegal in Iran, unless you are Christian in which case you may make YOUR OWN wine for YOUR OWN consumption in Christian rituals.

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