• Yes. Getting one's photograph taken does not change one's personality.
  • I think she is full of crap.
  • That kitten is anything but shy. She's probably embarrassed to see that she can't even move out of her own way
  • she's not shy...she's rich! lol please... i'm a little shy and i wouldn't do something like that! even if i have a body like her's... yeah i flaunt it sometimes but i wouldn't make a sex tape and expose myself like she did. i think she did it for the attention. i even saw it and there was a part when she said something like "hey everyone!" now if she gave a shout out (which she did) you know she wanted people to see it. now what kinda shy person does that? =/
  • being shy is about how you approach people socially... Posing with a famous photographer in a closed-off setting with a make-up artist, hair stylist, costume designer, etc. is totally different.... You can be shy and also be famous at the same time. For example, Barbara Streisand is infamous for having stage fright, yet she is a famous singer, actress, etc.

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