• If I read a book no matter where or with whom I will recall readily a large portion of it. When I was younger I had near perfect eidetic memory, now that I am getting along in years its getting a wee bit harder for me to recall things - to much data on the disk to shuffle through I guess. If you are not cursed with a eidetic memory (Its a curse, there is no blessing in being able to recall with accuracy everything) then learning by rote - the repeated reading/study of a thing until it is is lodged in your gray matter in a manner and form that you can readily access that data. English is a terrible language in many ways, when it comes to the process of memory and remembering and recall our language fails us. Technically everyone who has a healthy brain memorizes or remembers everything they see, smell, feel, hear, experience - the problem is not a problem with memory its a problem of being able to access those memories - a problem of recall. We still do not know the processes the brain uses to file and retrieve data - although we have a few theories and a few application to improve our retrieval ability, we are still at a loss as to how exactly the process is reached. SOME (not all) people can recall aural (heard) information better than visual data - while others can recall oral (spoken by self) information better than what they heard. And others recall visual information better than aural or oral information. I personally fall under the visual side of things. Not only do I read at a higher rate of speed when reading without speaking I also can recall that data far faster and easier than data I have heard or data I read out loud. It all boils down to the person. If you tend to read 'out-loud' even as a mutter to comprehend what you are reading most likely you are an aural or oral person and require hearing or speaking the words in order to not only understand what you are reading but also to file that data in a form that you can easily access for future use. Thus study group/class reading may work better for you. If however you find that reading or listening to words makes things more difficult to comprehend, or you can not readily recall heard/spoken words than study alone may work best for you.

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