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  • My feelings can be pretty powerful. From time to time my heart overtakes my mind and crushes it like a tin can. Hahaha! It can be a real toss-up.
  • i try to keep both in touch with each other (heart and mind) so i don't go insane trying to supress either part of me
  • The two are inseparable. Your mind tells you what you know while your heart tells you what you want. In between, hopefully they match up.
  • I think it's a bit of both. But it's more scientific believe it or not. When you are falling for someone your brain actually secretes a few chemicals... dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine. These are triggered by visual and other impulses tied to falling in love that make you focus on the person your are falling in love with to the exclusion of others. At the early stages of a relationship, your serotonin levels are similar to those of an obsessive-compulsive, which explains a lot (like, the obsession and the compulsiveness) and doesn’t sound very romantic. At a later stage of the relationship, the chemical oxytocin facilitates bonding. It’s the same chemical that strengthens the relationship between mother and child – now that is romantic! Oxytocin counteracts the effect of the norepinephrine and phenylethylamine, so passionate love fizzles out (boo!), but the romantic relationship grows Feel good chemicals endorphins also do their part, making you feel relaxed and happy in a relationship. So the answer to your question....hmmmmmm...Let your heart be your guide.
  • Unfortunaately I all too often let my heart rule in that area of my life. If I used my head a little more often it would probably have saved me alot of heartache and misery in my life.
  • It not under my control its feeling
  • It's not either or, it's best when you allow your emotions as much freedom as possible, but keep them under the control of your reason. Translation: Don't let your heart run away with your mind! : )
  • I used to wear my heart on my sleeve but now the mind has takened over for quite some time. But every now and then the heart gets aggressive.
  • Both, My heart and Mind Are in Sync. Mostly, Listen to your heart, Dont forget who you are.
  • My heart is what takes control. But I should really use my mind and think logical.
  • In my opinion, my heart feels the feelings and my mind decides what I have to do. Sometimes my heart becomes too dominant for my mind to do the right thing. Sometimes my mind doesn't have the time to think thoroughly because of the feelings.
  • Sadly yes.
  • my heart.... my mind just figures out how to follow my heart logically. :D
  • Heart everytime. Wish I knew how to do it the other way.
  • My heart all the way. It's a bit of a curse.
  • i tried to make my mind cancel out any feelings that may develop. Epic Fail, i met her and it happened. I fell in love for the first time. My heart controls my feelings my mind can only sit back and take them in. Yet my mind knows as well as my heart does who and why and i never had questioned it. Never had to, it knows the answer before the question is asked.
  • My heart won't give up.Mind can be controled be infrences.Your heart always knows the facts.
  • My mind
  • i try to let my mind control my feelings but my heart always takes over!
  • Yes constantly.
  • It depends on who it involves. In terms of work and aquaintances, my mind, but when family is involved, my heart (unfortunately). I have many times tried to think with my mind when it comes to family because I get into trouble thinking with my heart
  • What comes from *the heart* is controlled by the mind :)
  • Both I have learned to also listen to my excuse the phrase " Intellectual Hard-On "as well when I mentally love something about their brain as well on an intellectual, respect kind of thing too. 60/40 Heart Mind

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