• They need to be exposed to it... who better to lead and guide them with their questions than the parents that know and understand them best?
  • The child will anyway learn about faith from his elders like parents, grandparents etc.It will not be possible to train the child's mind towards not getting this knowledge but as the child grows up then maturity set in then the choices will be clear for him.Then as an adult they have the choice to continue or drop that.
  • Minors are exposed to everything else, thru the "miracle" of t.v. and other forms of media. So why not give them equal exposure to religion? Most children, (once they get a little older, say mid to late teens), will investigate and study whatever they were exposed to as youngsters, to finally settle on a core belief system ... (I know I did). I'm of the belief that I can set the table, fill their plates, cut their meat up for them, but they will STILL form their own opinions (once old enough). I can only hope that some of my teachings and beliefs are accepted by my children, and not everything is thrown out with the wash.
  • I think this is a great idea, Skidoo! I'm sure not everyone would want to do this, unfortunatly, but this is what I am doing with my children right now. I think they have the right to make up their own mind when they're a little older and more able to understand it.
  • The USSR tried it. Now they have a generation of corruption, broken families and alcoholism. Limiting exposure to CHristianity clearly had no benefit. It is the Christians who are now leading the way in the fight against alcoholism and who are teaching people how to hold families together, not to mention standing against corruption. Get real, guys.
  • Since about 50% of the religion addiction is brainwashing at a young age, I'd say that's a good idea. Implementing it is a different story
  • This is why minors should be exposed to it. They should be exposed to all of it. Not just the selective stuff they tell them. Show them the horrible punishments in the bible. Show them conflicting religious beliefs. Show them what it leads people to. Show them all the alternatives. If you tell little Jimmy that the bible says to stone him to death if he mouths off to his parents I think he'll be able to make up his own mind.
  • Small children should not be forced to learn about anything that they can't understand. Religious beliefs should be something they explore on their own when they get old enough to understand them.
  • Beating religion into the young weak minds of children should be considered child abuse. Why do you think the fundies want this "stuff" shoved down your kids throat in school?
  • So how would you enforce this? Wire tap the homes of all of the citizens to make sure they do not teach them the evil principles of religion? What would you do with someone who dared to violate this rule, throw them in jail? Re-education camps?
  • Take it one step further just to be fair, and don't allow minors to be exposed to religion or atheism. No outside influence from parents, teachers or anyone. Simply allow them to be children and when they are old enough to start asking questions, let them search and do research so they can make up their own minds what they want.
  • I don't think it's possible for kids not to be exposed to religion or atheism, for that matter. In school, there are people of every background. Also, as adults we all choose to do and believe whatever we want. Even if we were taught atheism or theism as children, upon adulthood people go their own way. Some become more spiritual, others less. Parents should decide what their children are taught, whatever they believe to be best for their kids. Certainly, my children are being taught to believe in God. Not only do we consider it from the standpoint of what the Bible says, but also what the universe, earth, and life on it teach us. They key is to teach kids to think clearly, read with good comprehension, and get the best possible education so that they know how to make informed decisions and help others to do the same.  
  • Sounds like a plan, but it will never happen. Fortunately, many people do snap out of it when they get old enough to reason and if they have a modicum of intelligence to figure things out.
  • I was sent to church as a child, BORING!!! I don't go to church now. When my oldest 2 were really little, I exposed them to it by sending them to Sunday school for a year or two, because I was raised thinking it was the right thing to do, regardless of how I felt about organized religion. At least they got some feel for it. As they've gotten older we just strive to teach them the basic fundamentals. Be kind, respectful, compassionate, non selfish, tolerant, etc. because that in and of itself is really what the world is about, not what religion is right or wrong, or lack of it. Exposed yes, not shoved down their throats.
  • I like the fairness suggestion from "The Galaxy Hitchhiker" and think it should be broader in scope. Any subjects which conflicts with a religious belief must be withheld from their little minds until they are able to compare and judge for themselves. That should include all theories on how the Universe began, developed and all theories on life Origins and Evolution. There aught to be a lot of curiosity in them by age 18, when they are legally allowed to think for themselves by voting.
  • Yes yes yes yes.. :):):) Noone at a young age should be exposed to it.
  • That is an excellent perspective, but, as an atheist, I disagree. I think at least on other ABer mentioned exposing their children to ALL of it. I plan on teaching my children about all the myths I can get my hands on. I'll teach them the bible from a historical perspective. When they get older, IF they want to take up a religion, they may do so. - Having said that, what I think was the crux of your question, I will not teach them to believe. I will teach them facts, and hopfully teach them HOW to think, but I will not tell them WHAT to think.
  • That is actually very similar to the belief adopted by most Neo-Pagan parents. However, instead of not exposing their children to any of it (thus favoring secularism), they typically teach all of it with as much respect and tolerance as they can muster.

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