• I took it as a way of saying be aware of what your government is doing. Especially if everything is going great. Because if they can give you it, they can take it away.
  • How far reaching would the government have to be to have the power to grant you everything you want right now? Because if you want even close to what I want then the government would be huge and in everything.
  • Giving a government with too much power can seem like a great thing until that power works against you. If you depend solely on the government, don't be surprise when they dictate all your allowed to do.
  • This is just one of the MANY quotes of Thomas Jefferson's warnings of what's happening in America today. Our Founding Fathers fought for keeping the smallest government as possible. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
  • Thomas Jefferson believed that the government that governed least governs best. He did not trust big powerful governments, the kind that it takes to do everything for people. He believed in limited government because all powerful governments are a threat to personal liberty. Today we are asking our government to protect us from all threats and we are setting ourselves up to pray a high price. We are federalizing crimes that ought to be left to states to handle because the national government has the money and we think we need it. They have the power to redistribute because they have greater power to tax. That is what worried Jefferson.
  • Be careful what you wish for. Hi, VS..Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • better watch out vs. your teetering on the edge of libertarianism! you'll be weaving flowers in your hair and slapping Ron Paul bumper stickers on your hybrid car next. ;) the more people come to be rely on government. the more personal freedoms government takes.
  • Looks like we're heading that way!!!!!!! Or, already are at it. The financial bailout may take everything we have. Especially of those who were not at any way involved with it. The regulation required to monitor it will be bigger government and will protect those who wanted the houses. Fits in with the quote. I hate paying for the greed of others including those people who were not in a financial position to buy a home but were allowed to anyway with really shaky mortgages, etc. Of course, those selling these loans profited big time and are having us pay for it. I bought mine the usual way. I earned the right to get a conventional loan (10% down).
  • It means exactly what it says. It's an argument against an enormous, central govt. - like what we have now. Govt. grows it's power by means of taxation. If everything you have can be taxed without limits, there is no right to private property, and there is nothing that cannot be taken from you by government. That's where we are today. Our central govt. has become a tyrant. "We have seen the enemy, and it is us."

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