• How old are you? If I were you, I'd get it cut anyway because it's your hair, not hers. You have to look after it, not her. Long hair is a pain to look after. Once a child is mature enough to stop hacking at their hair in pre-school, I think it's safe to say they should also get some control over what hairstyle they have. Once they hit around 11, they should have total control (mind you I would try to talk a kid out of a mohawk, they're horrid). Of course you'd have to live with the consequences of such a decision, whatever those might be.
  • I agree with Carmella. It is your hair and you should do what you want. Besides, if your parents aren't ridiculously strict, I would just take the consequences. How bad can cutting hair be? Time out in the corner?
  • You might try asking why she doesn't want you to get it cut, and explain to her that your appearance is important to you, and you would feel much better if it was shorter. Ask her to please respect your feelings, since you are now old enough to make this kind of decision for your self. No yelling, or getting mad, just have a mature discussion about it.
  • Go to a Salon for a consultation, try to find one that has a computer program to show different styles on you. I love long hair though and it took me so long to grow mine, I would be very cautious before I cut it unless yours grows fast.

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