• By falling off it hundreds of times :)
  • My dad pushed me down a hill. Fun times.
  • I didn't
  • With training wheels.
  • well my dad took the training wheels off and said "try riding it now" of course he held me up but then he wanted me to learn on my own...haha..its not as hard as you think..
  • My dad spent hours teaching me I loved four o clock when he came home from work :)
  • I taught myself. My Mom was always on the phone working and for some reason I was just determined. My Mom said that she watched me one day for three hours try and fall a bunch of times. But I just refused to give up.
  • I was very scared but loved my new bike without the training wheels. But I was afraid to let go of the old one I knew I could ride. A dear friend of the family, John, helped get me on the bike and said he wouldn't let go of me and he'd be right there pushing me from behind and not to worry. He pushed me a few times up and down the driveway and then the last time everyone was cheering and I looked around and I was doing it by myself. How could I be mad at him:-)
  • I started out with training wheels, like most kids do. But my dad helped me learn how to ride.
  • By trial and error. The errors were about learning how to use the brakes. I got better after running into fences, trees, and walls.
  • my dad taught me.:)
  • half an hour every day with my dad :)
  • Never learnt to ride a bike:-)
  • I seriously don't remember! I do remember getting my first bike for Christmas one year, it was pink. I am having vague memories of my brother teaching me. I think I was motivated to learn quickly so that I could ride around with him.
  • All I remember is that bicycle in those days did not have trainer wheels and neither could my parents afford to buy me my own bicycle so my best friend and I saved a bit of money and in the hols we would hire a cycle for an hour and each would prop the other up and run behind while we learnt how not to fall.
  • my dad helped me...and i used my cousins bike and i wanted to be just like him and so i wanted to learn as fast as i could haha
  • I was about 8yrs old and was at my "girlfriend's" house. She had a bicycle and was going to teach me how to ride...there were no training wheels in that day...She said get the peddle up and put my foot on it(girls bike) push down and get going and put your foot on the other peddle and peddle it...I did and going down the road I needed to stop but no one had told me there were brakes or how to put them on (coaster brakes back then; you pushed the peddle backward) I couldn't stop so ran into the ditch beside the road. she showed me where the brake was and I got on and rode away. It took me less than 10 minutes to learn how to ride and have been riding ever since...I am 70 now.
  • If my mother hadn't lied to me and said "no, of cause I wount let go of the parcel carrier" a hundred of times before I dared to lift both feet from the ground I would probably still have my extra wheels on my bike. And there's the answere to another question; is a white lie ok? Yes, until you are faling in the gravel because of your mum's yell ("oh, look, you can do this!") makes you turn your head and realise that she's 50 metres away.

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