• i tried when i was a kid but cant keep nny balance
  • When I was like 6(?) I learned how to ride. I loved it so much that I was on the bike after school and even in the morning before the school bus came. A little later on I won a new bicycle in a contest. Later on, I ended up with the longest newspaper delivery route in town. (7 miles per day) With the money I saved, I bought a new motorcycle, and that is another story.
    • lavender
      Aww, nice!
  • I rode a bike about ten years ago at the beach. I was an ill child and parents wouldn't let me near a bike. An ex bf taught me at 22! lol
    • lavender
      I always wanted to get a cruiser to ride at the beach. That sounds fun.
  • Last time I had a bike was before 2010. I used to ride it to work when it rained to keep my feet dry. I learned to ride sometime before going to school at age 5. What about you?

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