• It was one with lots of yellow faces representing various stages of drunkeness. Quite appropriate in a uni hall of residence!
  • Around about the time of the...was it the 1976 Olympics (?), McDonald's put out collector posters for several of the sports. Me and my brother mixed and matched them and traded with our friends.
  • Did anyone have the famous FARAH! (Perhaps the most widely-sold poster of all times.
  • mine was a poster containing a picture of a hydrogen bomb going off. it's pretty.
  • About a year and a half ago we sold our house the day we put it on the market. We were unprepared for such a quick sale, they also offered us a bonus if we could be out in 30 days. Well, we had not found a new house yet, so we moved into my Mom's house. I decided if I was going to live at Moms while in my fourties I should have posters on the walls. I bought a Shrek poster and my husband got a SpongeBob poster. My mother thought we were being childish. She grounded us for a week.

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