• I called the locksmith ~ it cost me 165.00 to have him pick my lock, and another 30.00 for him to make me a new key ~ Management is going to charge me another 50.00 to make me a key for the front door/laundry room ~ My question is do I have to give them a copy of my new key, what happens if I don't, and why can't I charge them for their copy?
  • Check your contract/lease. That could answer your question.
  • If the contract doesn't specifically say that you have to pay $50 for the new laundry key, they have no right to charge you anything other than fair replacement cost. As for a copy of your new key, if you didn't change the locks (which the contract may bar you from doing), they already should have a copy.
  • If you have a Legal Aid office in your area I recommend you contact them and get advice for this situation. Legal Aid is there to provide legal services for low income people and are experts in this subject. Even though you may not be low income they will be able to provide you with information but won't be able to represent you officially.

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