• Something you will soon learn about religion, ALL religions contain contradictions. It is how you view these contradictions that is important.
  • Who says we are expected to forgive unconditionally? In Christianity, the only condition is that forgiveness must be sought. You ask God to forgive, he forgives.
  • Me and My wife wonder the samething
  • He's God and he makes the rules
  • exactly, just one of many flaws in a supposedly flawless god/religion. if a god was really omnibenevolent and our creator I think (considering he/she/it would even allow sin at all) it would be just as any mother would naturally be...full of unconditional love. You know therin lies the biggest issue; A mother gives birth to a child and can love that child regardless of what they might become or do, in the end that child is always their baby. I'm not saying every mother in the world I am saying the abilty to do so is in us though to love that much, that unconditionally...yet a god, someone who is LOVE itself, who made us in his image, who is far greater than us...has conditions to love, can damn and punish, can smite....which brings us to 2 conclusions either god doesn't exist or he isn't so great as we claim him to be. LAstly I would just like to add that I think it's silly that man is created by this god and then has to prove himself? I wouldn't have a child and say ok billy now I will not be your father unless you fall down and worship me and seek my forgiveness and live under these conditions and oh yeah you have a choice but if you don't do what I say I am gonna kick you out of my house...that's basically what christianity says. You have a choice to believe or not believe but to be worthy you have to live a perfect life under his rules, seek forgiveness and redemption. When a person runs for president do they tell us how to prove ourselves to them? NO they have to prove themselves to us just as any good leader should any good god should do. We didnt ask to be here, he put us here and should be loving us, caring for us and making life great for us to prove himself worthy of any good leader or parent should do...unconditionally.Just one of many reasons I believe religion is flawed
  • He's God. He can do whatever he wants! On a different note, I think the logic is that mere humans are too inadequate to judge each other, so we should just forgive because punishment is God's department.
  • Yeah, where does it say he provides conditions? Can you give examples of what you are talking about? In my mind, he doesn't provide conditions, he loves us no matter what.
  • He doesn't. People do. At least this is my belief. I think that religion is a human creation not a divine one. Just my humble opinion.
  • not sure why

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