• the only way for this to be possible is for you to gain full custody of the children
  • Most states have percentage based guidelines, depending on the number of children. In Texas, a man can't be obligated to pay more than 50% of his wages in child support, no matter how many children there are.
  • There are too many unknowns here to give you an accurate answer. Such as, how custody will be divided. What state you live. Et cetera. As has already been said, most states place a cap on how much a spouse is awarded in terms of child support or alimony. I would hope that you would want to pay a fair amount for the support of 3 children if you do not want or get custody of them. Alimony payments are always a sore point though. Best advice is to hire a very good divorce attorney that will make certain she doesn't get "all" of your money. Just remember not to cheat your kids in the deal though. Sorry, this is the best I can do without more detailed information. Hope it helps though.
  • They can't take a dime of your money, that would be illegal. However they can take up to 65% of your income (fed level, states vary) from any source if you owe money to the children (that would be child support). If you have unpaid debts that are your own, the money you have belongs to debtor, not you. Since it is impossible for anyone else to owe your children money, their debt is easily made good without a complicated court process. They can collect yours children,s debts from the correct party who has there money. The beauty of this that no injustice is done by collecting from the wrong guy or the debt being a false claim. Don,t worry about kid being helpless, someone or the state will collect their debts for them. However no one besides yourself really knows how much you owe, so you could have bad paperwork cause collections beyond what you actually own. If you are in a income level where you not sure if it is worth hiring a lawyer to sort it out, you should study the outcome. Total debt paid (including lawyers) can be wash at the end. You should precede yourself and read your state laws over and over and note that they are continuously changing and only you can keep up with that regarding your debt. Remember everyone else is keeping up with the law for your children since they are helpless and they don,t have time for you. Law is not difficult nor requires intelligence. It is the shear volume of laws that require time to read over and over till you can communicate something other than " they are taking all my money", that is everyones opening statement. So you a lot of time if you are a average person to read the laws over and over to begin to see if there are errors in your debt amount. I had a 90% reduction after this process. I still could have gone further with a lawyer but the debt I had would end up in a wash and less money for the kids. There are no cases where anybody who owns their kid a debt has been able to legally get out of it. A debt so clear has no excuse.
  • There is a great degree of variation on this from state to state. On average, after a divorce involving children, the standard of living for the mother and children goes down, and the standard of living for the father goes up. That makes me wonder about a few things. Re: alimony, rarely is alimony given in short marriages in this era. With 3 children, she could easily pay 75%-85% of her income on daycare just for her working hours, and you are sweating her getting all of your money. Do you care if your kids get fed?

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