• What does the agreement say?
  • Every state and county has different laws. If she has a valid (?) reason for terminating the lease she can do it. Ex: if you violated any of the terms of the lease. Landlords just about do what they want, and at least she gave you 30 days. You can research the laws in your state and take her to court but you're facing an uphill battle. I don't know your landlady but I've dealt with some real psychos, no kidding. If you feel like your rights were violated, it would only be a "civil issue" and the amount of money would probably mean taking her to small claims. (How much money are you talking about? Your'e not allowed a lawyer but you can get legal advice. You'll be lucky to get your deposit back, because it sounds like she's just making up an excuse to get you to move. Don't count on getting moving expenses because you would have to pay those anyway and no judge would award them. It probably wouldn't be worth taking her to court. Even with the law on your side, it's very hard to win. I went through it, but my case was different. You should send her a registered letter reminding her that you still are under a lease and wait for her written response. She needs to "let you out of the lease in writing" and you need to get this to cover your butt. Make sure you have witnesses and take pictures of the condition of the house when you move so she can't hold you for damages you didn't do. For some reason, landlords have a "thing" about returning deposits, don't ask why. There is such a thing as "normal wear and tear" so they can't count every little thing against you. I would just move and hope that she gives you a good reference.You need that more than the hassle of going to court. I'm not kidding. Maybe she might "negotiate" but don't count on it. If you really are into going to court be prepared for a fight. Again, I don't know the laws in your state, but even with the laws on your side sometimes they just don't work in your favor.I could really tell you a few horror stories about landlords I've dealt with.
  • If the agreement just 30 notice on either side, then you may have to vacate without dispute.
  • im in calif. and the landlord is going thur a divorce. She has other rentals also but she said she cant afford paying her own house payment now so she had to move into the house im renting and my lease of one yr. isnt up until this Dec. If break the lease im liable for the remained of the months. How about her ?
  • thx everyone, your answers and input to "my landlord breaking the lease" was very helpful and much appreciated. P.S. have a blessed day

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