• You need to move on and not worry about what they do. You should focus on looking for someone you can have a relationship with and go see a doctor to see if you have fertility problems.
  • u should be mad because maybe it wasnt meant for u to get pregnant god has his time s for us all and if u think u need help go buy these herbs called damiana take some plan to have u a baby wit a good man and pray
  • there is nothing wrong with you. it is called jealosy and understandable. i hope that not having a baby was not the reason for the marriage breakup. but no matter what, you need to heal and let go, it's hard but it is possible. God bless you, ac
  • i dont think you are wrong for how you feel. and there is a plan for everyone. obviosly he wasnt the person for you and maybe not the right father for your children. If you have faith you will have a baby with the right person
  • You must be really peed off about that I know I would and I would be extremely jealous too, but hey life goes on and if your worried there is something stopping you getting pregnant go get checked out and then if the right person comes along there would be no reason why you shouldnt get pregnant, good luck..
  • Wow, that must hurt a lot. I am so sorry. Right wrong anger jealousy it doesnt matter. It was your dream, it was your hope it was what you thought your future would be. You have the right to feel those emotions right now. Go to your obgyn and start the process freeze some of your eggs. Get tested. Think about a fertility clinic. Choose a dad have a baby. Do IVF with your eggs hire a gestational carrier if you can't carry. Have a baby. Adopt a baby. If you dont mind a girl China is still open for foeign adoptions. Dont go via Russia. The kids have big emotional issues due to the orphanage system. Get into therapy plan ahead look to the future. You can still fulfill part of your dream. Could be the Fates sent you a message. There's no guarantee he will be a good dad or ultimately a good husband. Very best of luck!

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