• I am probably going to give you the greatest advice, and you will probably consider it terrible because I'm certain it is not what you want to hear. Regardless, here it is in a nutshell: He does not want to come home. If he's offering you settlements and is attempting to follow through with the divorce, it's over. I'm speaking from my own personal experience, I assure you. I admire that the two of you can talk, that's very rare in circumstances like these, but talking is not an implication of wanting to end a divorce. Heck! My ex-husband and I talked just about every day leading up to our divorce, then called me the day it finalized (I was in Fl, not at the hearing), and wished me a happy birthday! You can contest, but unless you can prove specific facts, the judge will merely laugh in your face and grant him the divorce anyway. Move on, find something better. It's out there, but you won't find it with him standing in your view. Tell him that if he wants the divorce he needs to go ahead and file. If he is having second thoughts (and tells you that) then tell him that the two of you need to take action together in fixing whatever lead to it. If he hesitates in filing, but does not say he wants to come home, file for him and see how fast he makes up his mind. Either way, look to the future, stop dwelling on the past, and stop reading into things that might not be there. Good luck
  • go along with whatever he wants to do and don't let him know you're bothered by it. that sounds idiotically simple, but it's usually what gets a mans attention. when you stop caring, they start.
  • Suggest couples counseling so there is a neutral third party mediator. Otherwise you go down the same paths without making progress. If he says no them consider the divorce in progress. Some states have mandatory counseling, ask your lawyer if yours is one though if it is you should have been told about it. Good luck.

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