• Maybe wait it until after all the schooling is done with. Me and my ex were going out in 10th grade then decided to stop for 2 years so that we can get done with and we got back together and we're fine!
  • Sometimes people can hold a special place in your heart, but your head knows that a relationship just wouldn't work. Maybe if you keep the friendship going the details of your lives will eventually line up to where a romance would work again.
  • I'd say that if it was meant to be, than it will happen for you. It sounds like he has some things he has to do before committing. So let him. I understand this may be hard for you and I'm sorry. If it was meant to be, you'll find one another again and make it work. In the mean time, don't hold yourself up for him. If he truly cares for you and he's not able to "get together with you" than he can't expect you to hold out for him. Until he's ready for the kind of relationship you want and need--it sounds like you're good friends that care "very" much for one another. Good luck and I hope that someday soon you will be back together again.
  • First of all loving someone is not necessarily the same thing as being in love with them. Time will tell either it'll work out or it won't

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