• Yeah, I've felt like that before. Its kinda like co-dependence... and its not the best feeling!
  • Well I'm one of those people. Sometimes I just don't like being alone, I mean, I have but I get lonely. I think It's a natural human emotion. And thanks for asking this question, I thought I was the only one.
  • I disagree.
  • NO, I've met many people who have gotten past someone and even lived a happy single life, possibly just making their children happy. Some people aren't worth remembering and letting them continue running your life.
  • I disagree to a point. I feel if you can get over someone by finding someone else then it's highly possible that you were not "hooked" on the person per se, but on the feelings you had for them. If those feelings seem to go away when you meet someone new it's more of a transference of the old feelings to the new person. Many people move into new relationships without ever getting over an ex and many people simply learn to put those feelings in their place and live single and content. It really depends on the individual.
  • Yes I agree
  • If you asked me this 15 years ago, I would agree but now, I disagree as I do not need to be with someone else to remember how incompatible my ex and I were. Once I am out of love with someone, I don't feel the need to replace that love.
  • No,I think alot of people rush into the next relationship too soon,without having spent any time thinking about why things went bad and resolving problems with the last one.There's nothing wrong with being alone after a breakup.
  • Sometimes you can't even get over a person despite having someone else to be interested in.
  • I would say that meeting someone is a good diversion but finding someone else doesnt necessarily mean you can get over someone.
  • Been there... I like to think I've past that point... but deep down I haven't :(
  • I find that to be true. But I think we all have different levels of sensitivity. Some people go "oh well", some people get devestated. It depends where you are on the scale.
  • No, I don't agree. Find something you like or want to learn. Spend your time that way and make new friends with a common interest. You will have improved yourself and before you know it, the pain from that broken relationship is healed and you are in a HEALTHY position to date again. :D Besides, when you are not over your ex, you are thinking of them and not the person you are with and that's not fair.
  • First of all, one should stop trying to forget for in the process of trying to forget we more and more remember him/ her and end up feeling hurt over and over again. One should try to concentrate on something which interest him, this should not necessarily be another person, this can be a hobby or activity which interest you. This can be your job which requires your total attention. Never try to forget for we should remember our faults , just take a lesson from your mistakes and do not repeat them in future. One should not enter into a relationship with somebody just to forget the previous one for this will do no good to you or the present person.
  • yup thats how i feel, I gotta find someone I really, really like on order to forget about ex, yeah sometimes is really har to find that special one, man it can take days, weeks, even years..
  • Absolutely not true for me..cannot speak for others.
  • Abouslety,you love the other person cause they made you happy,if you Found someone else top make you happy Then I guess ypu have moved on......
  • No matter how far back I go into my intimate relationships, I will always have a very special place for every lady that was there. I can be happy now in a relationship, yet keep those fond memories alive. I don't know that you ever stop thinking about the one's who truly held your heart.
  • Not me. I'm fine without her and no one's interested in me. I LIKE it like that.
  • Sometimes it's the opposite; until you can get over a person (if you can at all) you can't be interested in someone else.
  • No I don't agree with this because I would find it diffcult to build a relationship with someone else if I'm not completely over with or stop thinking about them. It wouldn't feel right--It’s just wrong.. They need time for themselves first and figure out what they really want before jumping into a new relationship.
  • No. I don't agree.

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