• I have no idea, how many watch. NO. Yes, I do. No, I cant see a reason for killing your child. They dont want the responsibility, the child is getting in the way of them living their life or they want a man, and he doesnt want children. (just examples I have heard)
  • I didn't watch it but I think she's dead and I know her mother did it. Had my son disappeared I wouldn't have waited that long to call the police. I would have called them within 5 minutes and she's too calm in front of the cameras.. Hell yes. she's guilty. How can someone abuse a child either. they have no soul..they are sociopaths. They have no respect for lives. I wish that we could pass a law that people like this and people who "forget" their kids in the car for hours, etc should be IMMEDIATELY sterilized.. they do not deserve to breed.. and it's beyond my reasoning how someone can stand up for her and say "she's innocent".. brainwashed maybe..if that were my grandchild I would be yelling from the rooftop.. for justice.
  • I don't need to watch Nancy Grace to answer this question. I have followed the case though. She is most definitely deceased. I have no idea how anyone could do this to their child or protect somebody else. It is interesting to note how fiercely Casey's mother, Cindy, protects and defends her. . .for the wrong reasons IMHO, but that instinct exists for her. Sad.
  • i read that her computer showed results for searching for chloroform. I think she tried to put the child to sleep so she could go out clubbing, and didnt do it right and the child died.
  • They found Caylee's Body.
  • Yes it's Caley. As for protecting someone who did this, denial is a powerful thing. Combine denial with a mother's love and I can understand. However, I do think the grandmother knows more than she's saying AND I believe we'll find that out. As for killing your own child. Happens all the time. Hopefully this was an accident, but even so, if she gave the little girl chloroform so she could go out and party, there are serious mental health issues here. I am praying for all of them ...hopefully somehow, someway, something good will come of this .... That poor, poor little girl. She is definitely at the top of my prayer list.
  • Yes, I believe it's Caley. As for why the parents are protecting Casey -- denial is a profound thing - especially when you are a parent. When I watched them on Larry King last night, I think they have almost convinced themselves of these false hopes. As for Casey -- was it an accident or ???? If there was duct tape on the mouth as the news says, yikes! This woman is clearly mentally disturbed, however. I am praying for all of them. Especially little Caley. The ones left alive will never be the same .... Guess that's why I believe in karma....
  • I am watching her now as they are talking about how Casey doesnt' give a rats arse that they won't let her attend Caylees funeral and now they are saying it's her mother's fault because she was "abusive". So wonder if they plan to use that as a defense for mental illness.
  • She is dead.

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