• I dont believe so. So many want to wait to get married in the eyes of God before having sex, well pre marital sex is not in the Bible. ((Which i can cite if needed)) Also, i know that homosexuality is wrong in Leviticus, but i dont believe it. It's contradictory, why would God make us all special and unique, only to damn the gay ones? XD
  • Theists believe the voice in their head is their god. Therefore if they have sexual hang-ups, by default their god has the same hang-ups. If you are homophobic: your god is homophobic. If you are racist: your god is racist. If you hate Atheists: your god hates Atheists. If you think abortionists should die: your god tells you to kill abortionists. Get the idea?
  • I don't care how you try to twist it, God was quite specific in the Bible and he has consistently condemned sexual activity outside of the covenant of marriage. It's his word, not mine.
  • Just look at the origin of how marriage came about. Go on wikipedia.
  • Sexual attraction is not a choice, but a feeling. (pardon my indecency, but i need to make a point) I don't choose to get a hard on when a hot woman is wearing a short skirt and tight clothing. It just happens. So I imagine when homosexuals are feeling attraction to their same gender, it is also not a choice. Since it is out of their hands, I dont think "god" would blame them for it. Like if there was a god dont you think he would have better things to do? seriously.
  • Maybe they themselves are.
  • If he wasn't so concerned, he would not have recorded so much info on it in the Bible. The fact is, many times human life is the result of sex and he takes life matter seriously.
  • It isn't some people. It's a lot of people. Why is obvious. For the same reason as for every other species on the planet-reproduction and the most efficient way to secure the continuation of the line. God wanted us to go on. He provided a perfect habitat for humans, where there was no shortage of food, the climate was optimum and they were safe. THen he commanded them to have a great time and reproduce. What was wrong with that? (Surely, if humans place such an importance upon sex, it is logical that it came from their Creator) The truth is that God is overly concerned with every aspect of human life. Sexuality is just one part of it.
  • It might have something to do with the fact that 1. Its the most intimate relationship humans have, thus ethically meaningful, by religious and secular standards.. 2. Babies might come from it...(New) life tends to be quite important in most religious or secular ethical systems... 3. Death may also come from it (think all the sexual-transmitted diseases)...but this is not very unique since many other things kill you too... To name just what I thought of in an instant....I don't know what overly concerned means...most religions think God is also very concerned with killing, stealing, making kind gestures and prayer....who decides the "overly" part? It may depend on the culture. The same religious faith may adress sexuality more in one part of the world, peace in another and social justice somwhere else. It usually depends on what are the overarching themes in that a single faith system or faith body could be very versatile and the "overly" part would actually mirror a particular culture's themes, but not necessarily the big religious themes in general ( if we are talking about international widely-held beliefs and institutions). For example of you were from South America you would ask " why do some people think God would be so overly concerned with trade unions?":)
  • Because man has mastered the art of creating God in his own image... ...he cannot conceive a God unlike himself.
  • First of all, as most comments have been based on what "God" said in the bible, please bear in mind that no part of any bible was written by God or Jesus. Inspired writings? Which of us, past or present, had/has the authority to determine which writings of folk lore were inspired? To those that would continue to insist on the validity of Hebrew mythology, you would have to assume that human sexuality and it's free and frequent practice would not offend God in the least because human sexual motivation begins at the passage of puberty and is a totally natural hormone driven activity. The institution of marriage is only a matter of practical sociology. Have fun and forget about the guilt trip.
  • If you bear in mind that 'god' is basically a projection of the human ego, the answer is pretty self evident.
  • I know its crazy!!
  • God can be a good excuse for persecution. I mean, how can you argue with God? Actually, I can think of a few ways.
  • Because religion is ad 'ministered' by men!
  • I enjoy the many answers here but I'm just worried by the number of contradictions shown by many.....
  • God is overly concerned with human morality not sexuality, permissible sexual acts please God.
  • I find it hard to believe that if there was a god he would even care about humans let alone their morality.
  • I don't get it either. That means all homosexuals and lesbians are totally evil twisted persons, and I suppose they have chosen their sexual orientation of their own will, although not that you could get this from them, what with all the anxiety, fear and confusion that many of them seem to portray. So discontentment and condemnation of the gays through beatings and blaming HIV on them on the behalf of other people must be all right by God, which is a strange way to portray human equality. I think God has a whole lot more to worry about than stand up comedy incorporating Uranus and gay weddings, and the "morality" shown by zealots who condemn them far outweighs the sick and twisted moralities of the gays, who's blood must also be black, and as thick as tar. (Sarcasm.) There are enough people on the Earth having sex and procreating, but I suppose logic doesn't go to Church much. They're humans like everybody else, and you'd think that a God as loving and caring as the one depicted by these same gay bashing Christians wouldn't give a crap, and find a use for the gays and lesbians. We're all equals, as sadly contradicted by Christianity when it comes to homosexuality...and Goths...and video games...and different ethnics...and, most likely, going to the bathroom is a sin, too. Maybe "God" should concentrate more on pedophiles instead, or murderers. Oh wait no, we need murderers to clear the Earth of its foul scum. :/
  • Because, in the Bible, God's view was made clear on that issue. It was commanded somewhere in kings that homosexuals should be executed. Also, sodomy is named for Sodom, which was destroyed for being pure dagnasty evil. According to the Christian religion, the punishments changed when Jesus did his thing, but God's view never changes. Thus, homosexuality= evil. That is why many people think that
  • It’s them who are overly concerned with human sexuality and to validate their weird preferences, they project their feelings on God. God doesn't care where you put your hoo-ha. Other people are the ones who get all het up about your hoo-ha because they are nosy. God has many things to concern himself about. The wars, famine, diseases etc. My loving God is not involved in trivial issues. BTW….I’m a Christian (and straight) but refuse to be bullied into believing that is obsessed with which person sleeps with which one – except in the context of cheating.((^*^))
  • My guess? = VD? ;-)
  • they think it is fashionable. and they obviously have no idea who God is.
  • Because people are people and people are going to judge each other as sucky as that may sound. No one knows what God is thinking, but I would like to think he loves us all NO MATTER WHAT! As long as we do not hurt people and are good, honest folk...who cares??
  • because man has a tendency to project their own hangups on to God. People struggle with lust an d have decided it is far easier to believe god gives a damn who does what with whom among consenting adults than to confront one's own sexuality.

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