• Swearing is an easy way of expressing emotion, I think it is lazy and shows a lack of vocabulary. It also waters down the power of a swearword each time you use it. That said, I swear all the time. Its not flattering. When you consider great orators they are rarely people who swear. The occasional one can be funny though. Who can forget 'The life of brian': Brian: I'm not the Messiah! Will you please listen? I am not the Messiah, do you understand? Honestly! Girl: Only the true Messiah denies His divinity. Brian: What? Well, what sort of chance does that give me? All right! I am the Messiah! Followers: He is! He is the Messiah! Brian: Now, f£$k off! [silence] Arthur: How shall we f%$k off, O Lord? Genius
  • I don't think it indicates anything other than changing attitudes to language. It seems to me that most people born since the 1960s use far more bad language than those of us born earlier. The start of it came with the unsuccessful prosecution of Penguin books for publishing Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence in 1960.
  • All of the above. You forgot HUMOR though. (see Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, etc.) -
  • I knew a man who probably knew more about the English language than anyone I have ever met. Some said he could "cuss you out" and you would never understand a word he said and it would be in English. Anyway he always said, "People who resort to profanity lack the knowledge to express themselves properly."

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