• My dream back yard would have absolutely no grass. I'd like it to be all stone other than the areas I have trees and vegetable gardens planted. I'd also like a small decorative well, pond, and waterfall...
  • Large Patios looking out over the neat garden onto large meadows with horses and loads of thistles and wild flowers for wildlife and my foxes to hide in.
  • A rain forest near the mountains with hidden valleys and little waterfalls running into streams beside pathways leading to secluded areas and secret gardens full of wildflowers. There'd be acres and acres of green grass alongside of it with old stone stables, rail fences and beautiful quarter horse mares and foals grazing on it. There'd be a guest cottage made from stone that looks like an antique replica from some long ago era and my friends from America would be strolling around the grounds simply enjoying the calm tranquility of it all :)
  • Large and grassy for all my dogs to run around in... and a healthy stream for them to take a drink when they get thirsty. A garden, tall gates, wooden benches, and a gazebo. Something with a view.
  • Hmm, I'd need more time to think about it but: helipad landing strip baseball fields a racetrack maybe a shooting range a lake (with skiboats and jetskis - naturally) a heated pool and hot tubs waterslides swings hammocks halodeck? teleporter? ... (I'm sure I've forgotten many things)
  • I liked mostly wooded areas, with open areas treated as cottage garden, herb, vegs and flowers in their areas. I'd love to have room for a small pond and bridge, too... But no mowing... have to hire somebody for that LOL!

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