• No. But it may Lower your sentence. You might just get 300 hours of comunity service if you puplicly apologse and give the stuff back.
  • No. Armed robbery is a very serious offense. I was convicted of armed robbery(it was my 1st felony). I robbed my drug dealer for her drugs and she called the police and said we took money. I was even the driver and still got the same conviction as those who went in to the residence. I went to jail for 11 months, had to spend 6 months in a half way house and 5yrs. probation. So if your state has alternative sentencing ask your lawyer what your options are.
  • Not usually as it is too serious of a offence
  • No. Not for violent crimes and armed robbery is major.
  • NO ... The first offender program usually apples for MISDEMEANOR acts only ... Armed robbery actually put peoples lives in danger .. and the minimum is around 3 to five years in prison.

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