• A fish bone in the back of my throat that I couldn't reach or get a hold of without gagging.
  • well, not exactly stuck but I had a fork rammed down urgh! My bro threw a pillow at me as i was about to eat and hey presto fork in throat. my wee bro got a wee round sweet stuck in his throat going up the stairs i had to hit his back to dislodge it
    • Hulk70166
      How did you get the fork out?
  • I had a piece of shoe leather caught in my throat while eating in the mess during boot! I almost died from it and then the DI almost killed me for almost dying on his watch!
  • It didn't happen to me, thank God, but the worst thing I've ever seen happened thirty years ago. I had gotten kicked by a horse and was in the ER waiting to be stitched up. This was before HIPPA, of course. While I was in xray, making sure none of my bones were broken, the doctors were looking at the xrays of the guy ahead of me and trying to figure out how to treat him. He'd opened one of the old fashioned beer cans that had the church key type opening. He ripped the church key off and dropped it inside the can, as people often did then when they didn't want to litter. His mistake was in chugging the beer. The church key had gone right down his throat and was lodged at the junction between the eosophagus and trachea. I don't know how they ever got that back out.
  • One time the condom slipped off and I half swallowed it and almost died.. Never do that again (with a condom on)
  • A fishbone...when I was just a nipper. I was terrified. My dad was a quick thinker and had evidently seen this before. He calmed me down and put his finger down my throat and pulled the thing out. I also saw him do the "Heimlich manouver" on a brother of mine once. He had also, in his youth, treated his kid brother after a rattlesnake bite. He applied a tournaquet from his bandanna, cut the wound larger, and actually sucked the poison out. The doctor had little else to do. My uncle ran a fever for a while, but everything was OK. My old man was quite a guy.
  • A dick...lmao
  • Inside of a pen. I had it in my mouth while I was lying on the floor doing homework and it had a little button on the side of the pen which I flipping up and down. My mother walked into the room and when I looked up, the inside ink stick part of the pen somehow flew out of the cover and went down into my throat. She grabbed my feet and picked me up... no small task since I was in high school at the time, it came flying out, good thing she saw it happen.
  • I was in this really nice hotel with some of my family and I ordered a sausage.Unfortunatly while i was eating it, somebody decided to ask me something.....the reply was something like 'gak!' as it went down the wrong way.I spent ages in the toilet there bringing up saliva but not the sausage. After ruining a nice meal, I managed to throw it all up on the hotel carpet on the way front of all the other people having lunch.
  • A straight pin. I was sewing, putting the pins in my mouth as I removed them from the fabric, made a sewing error I was going to have to rip back out, inhaled sharply in frustration, the pin went down. It's stuck my throat then went on down to the tube to my lung. It had to be removed with an Osteo scope with a magnet on the end of it. My stepfather complained about it costing him over $1000! I'd hate to see what it'd cost him today!
    • Hulk70166
      You are lucky to be alive.
    • Linda Joy
      I cheated death a few times before and after as well!
  • a fish bone
  • A chicken bone, which necessitate my visit to a hospital's emergency room
  • fish bone
  • I was eating popcorn while waiting to get into a drive-in movie. We sat there for over an hour waiting to get in. After waiting we finally made it up to the ticket counter. As we got up there my friend had to take my wallet and pay for the tickets because my throat got some popcorn shavings stuck in it. It was terrible. I was coughing terribly. It didn't stop until I pointed my head backward and poured down a lot of soda. If my friend wasn't there I would have barfed all over the ticket lady. lol😋
  • A crouton from a Cesar salad. It about choked me to death.

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