• there are three things you can do to get "music" either download a person to person file sharing program (which is stealing, but is free), buy music files off the internet (which is the right thing to do.. but nobody seems to care anymore) and lastly, rip a music cd onto your computer (when you rip a cd, the content is converted into media files).. iPod comes with "itunes" and you can go onto apple's online store for music. itunes also allows you to upload the music files on your computer into your iPOD, it is no hassle, just put all the mp3's or Wma's into one folder, and direct your ipod to auto sync. the files will be sent into your ipod automatically everytime you connect the ipod to the computer i hope you caught the gist of it, it doesn't sound too hard
  • To better explain yourself or myself here it is.First if you have an ipod you would want or would need to have itunes.All you need to do is to download itunes.GO to i think :P well go to it and download it. This would also come with a program called Quick time player you don't really need this but it comes free with itunes,or along.O.K once you have itunes downloaed go to and download it the same thing you did with itunes.get the classic or the originnal program but don't get the lime wire pro just basic limewire.O.k. here how it works once you have limewire downloaded you can download a song or any song(s) from limewire,Now once you have downloaded the songs simply click and drag the song into itunes and check in your page if you have any list. ANd THERE that';s all you need to now.ipod + itunes = they really have to have it other than that you can't do it any ohter way than lime+itunes its really easy procudure.Other than that i haven't still learned about itune :P all i know is how to click and drag the songs into itunes and downloard songs from limewire
  • You can get music from many sources: 1. Buy songs online 2. Download free songs from the Internet 3. Copy songs from your CD's (rip) 4. Copy songs from friends CDs (illegal) If you know File Management, it's a little easier, you don't have to rely on the way iTunes or Windows Media Player does it. I use iTunes to make my "playlists." It's easy, just go File>New Playlist and give it a name. Then I open up a folder and drag the songs I want onto the playlist. You can drag songs from many different folders, but I usually put all the songs from one CD on a playlist. Once you got your playlists made, if you want the songs on the iPod, you check the box on the playlist screen. If you don't want tohe songs on, or you want to remove the songs from the iPod, you simply uncheck the box. You can uncheck individual songs or the whole list! They just came out with a new iPod that lets you shoot video!
  • Some people download them from the internet. But I find it so much easier to just buy the albums or certain songs from itunes. :) ++

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