• Laws differ nation to nation and you would need to indicate where to get a helpful answer.
  • I know when I got married, (during the "Jurassic" period) we had to have a blood test 3 days before and a license 3 days before too. I was 18, so was my husband, he needed his parents to go to city hall and sign for him, hahaha, they ran down!!! This is in NY state.. I don't know if it has changed. Maybe you don't need the blood test anymore.
  • No, they don't. In fact, they don't even need to get married at all, just like getting a driver's license does not REQUIRE you to drive.
  • The officiant of the marriage ceremony must be legally authorized in the state from which the license was issued. It does not matter whether that person is a state employee (Justice of the Peace) or clergy (priest/deacon) or Joey from friends.
  • I would ask my chosen officiant - be it captain of a Tourist Yacht, Wiccan priestess, or childhood Rabbi. Those sorts of people know what goes within your city, state, and country. Or if it changes when you are in international waters, American Citizen or not. I suggest you look up your city hall online, and search on "marriage licenses". I am told you still need a blood test for the RH factor, though. You WANT that, in case of babies. They won't forbid you marrying, never fear, either way.
  • Laws are different from country to country and state to state. In some states all it takes is a license and a signature. Just because you have a license doesn't mean you're married. It means you are legally licensed to be married.
  • No, you can go straight to church, once you get the license. You don't have to get married at City Hall.
  • You can get married anywhere in the state and it's good for 60 days. It might depend on where you live though, you can look up info for your state.
  • Most states you can get married anywhere as long as yu have the license.
  • We are going to City Hall. It will be short and very sweet.
  • You can get married by someone at city hall, in a church, in a park, at the top of a mountain, underwater, free falling, by a ship's captain, a Justice of the Peace, in a wedding chapel in Nevada, on horseback, basically by anyone licensed to perform the ceremony. It only has to be done once.

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